Plush is comprised of ten musicians with over 90 years of combined experience performing a wide range of music for weddings and events with the Bob Charest Band, and many other well known groups.

In 2018, a few key players had the bright idea to continue on and form Plush and bring their passion for performing together to a new level. Whether large or small, let Plush make your wedding celebration or special event one you'll always remember. This is what Plush does best.


Amanda Tubbs, Lead Vocals


Mat Zaro, Lead Vocals


Katie Oberholtzer, Vocals


Susanne Gerry, Vocals


Geoff Chartier, Bass


Chris Wilkes, Drums


Stew Guernsey, Guitar


Andrew Doody, Saxophone


Max Richardson, Trumpet


Ben Goodwin, Keys


Cameron MacMillan, Sound Engineer